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Extended Warranty:

All HeatsBox products come with a standard 24-month warranty.The extended warranty extends this standard warranty by a further 12 months, for a total of 36 months after delivery of the HeatsBox.The HeatsBox accessories are excluded from the extended warranty.Each HeatsBox requires its own warranty. Purchasing an extended warranty only applies to a single product.
The extended warranty is only valid for products purchased directly from

The warranty does not cover misuse, accidental damage, loss, or damage resulting from the failure of the product. Damage due to failure to follow the instructions in the user manual, such as damage and/or defects resulting from repairs or tampering with the product by a person not authorized by the manufacturer, is not covered.

The guarantee is asserted against Faitron AG, Limmatquai 62, 8001 Zurich (CH).
If a device is replaced within the warranty period, the new device inherits the remaining warranty period of the defective device.The statutory rights are not limited in any way by the guarantee.
If there are any ambiguities in the translation, the German version takes precedence.